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Using a Free CSS Template

posted by on April 01st, 2011

One can get a Free CSS template  from HTML text editors (one example of which is Macromedia Dreamweaver). This template may also be obtained via third-party templates that can be found on the web. Upon creating an HTML document, this file must be named and saved as a CSS file (the “.css” extension must be used in this context). After naming and saving the file as such, the document can now be uploaded to the web server. Just as tags are put in the HTML document, the CSS file link must be put in between the “<head></head>” tags. Open the CSS document and alter the style accordingly. The font size, font color, alignment of the text, color, layout of the photos, and such may be adjusted depending on the format called for by the design of the page. After which, the file, which is saved in both CSS and HTML formats, may be previewed using any web browser of choice and any adjustments can be made as deemed appropriate.