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Constraints of Affordable Business Web Hosting

posted by on January 30th, 2011

There are a few constraints when it comes to business web hosting . One of those is the fact that the most affordable forms of website hosting for businesses are done through shared servers. This is when there are hundreds of websites on one server.

This can cause websites to run slowly, especially if all websites are taking up as much disk space and bandwidth as they are allowed to. However, this is a rarity. The main problem with running on the same server is that you will also run on the same IP address. This can have a number of problems, such as being blocked from other countries due to information on another person’s website.

There are chances that you can be moved onto another server if this has been proven to be a problem, but this can take some time to organize. The best way of getting around these is by opting for a dedicated IP address or spending more money and opting for a dedicated server.